How to maintain Café Chairs and make it last long?

Does your restaurant, café have lots of chairs and furniture’s and you might have invested a lot of money on it. And, it’s your responsibility to maintain them and protect your investment. When you step inside a hospitality unit it may be a furnished restaurant or a café, the first thing that will catch your glance is the set-up of the furniture. And, restaurant, café furniture is a huge investment. It is not difficult to make them to look good for long. If you keep them clean and do the general maintenance then it will last longer.

Cafe Chairs

Taking care of wood furniture

You can use a lint-free cloth to polish wood furniture on a weekly basis. Also, you can keep the furniture away from the direct sunlight which makes the furniture fading and air conditioning sources to prevent loss of moisture. In-case, if there are any scratch on the furniture you can use touch up markers which are easily available at the Bunnings or local hardware store in many different colours. These touch up markers will help to fix the scratches.

Spot Cleaning in wood furniture

Sometimes, you might see the food stains on the furniture, in this case simply wipe up the spill immediately and polish with a soft, clean cloth. If there are water rings, rub with a mixture of equal parts white vinegar and cooking oil in the same direction of the grain.

How to spot clean marble, stone?

If there are liquid spills, you can clean away the excess liquid with a clean, dry, cloth frequently. And, spray the area with a marble cleaner or warm water and wipe it out.