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Our factory seconds can work wonders for you restaurant, café or takeaway shop, on a budget. Any of the used commercial kitchen equipment available will prove to be just as useful as any brand new product in our stores.

All of our commercial kitchen equipment is strong and durable, with constant operational checks. From only minor scruffs to missing packaging or age, our used restaurant equipment is your next best option to buy the exact same product at a reduced price.

Our cheap commercial kitchen equipment and discounted range includes factory second commercial fridges, microwave ovens, coolers, stainless steel products, coffee machines, cutters, basins, power units, deli displays, freezers and hand equipment. Any of these products would be a valued benefit to your business.

Our entire factory seconds equipment is sound, flexible, operational and constructed with quality materials and assurance from the best brands within the industry and suited to any commercial kitchen.

You can budget you factory seconds purchases even further with Silver Chef - FED’s equipment financial service. Silver Chef will help make your purchases affordable and easier.

Our clearance products are reliable and just as useful as any other unit we sell; the only difference is that you get the best price possible!

Used Commercial Kitchen Equipment Clearance

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  1. Ex-Showroom: Bonvue Heated Food Display - H-SL830
    Special Price $2,309.30 Regular Price $3,299.00
  2. Ex-Showroom: Four Door Sandwich Bar - SLB240
    Special Price $3,541.30 Regular Price $5,059.00
  3. Ex-Showroom: Four large drawer Lowboy Fridge - LBC150
    Special Price $2,884.00 Regular Price $4,120.00
  4. Ex-Showroom: Crystal Induction Plate - AC-200H
    Special Price $104.30 Regular Price $149.00
  5. Ex-Showroom: Electric Power Unit - TR8SH
    Special Price $615.30 Regular Price $879.00
  6. Ex-Showroom: Electric Compact Salamander - EB-600
    Special Price $1,301.30 Regular Price $1,859.00
  7. Ex-Showroom: Buffet Servery Insert - GN5V
    Special Price $1,848.00 Regular Price $2,640.00
  8. Ex-Showroom: Chilled Bain Marie Food Display- PG150FA-Y
    Special Price $5,900.03 Regular Price $8,429.00
  9. Ex-Shworoom: Bonvue Angled Deli Display NSS1500S
    Special Price $4,101.30 Regular Price $5,859.00
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Items 1-12 of 41

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