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Federal Hospitality Equipment can offer you perfect value through the maze of cabinets currently shipping straight from the doors of the finest commercial brands. From builder’s grade through to semi-custom, full-custom furniture grade, laminated countertops to premium solid surface and granite, the possibilities at FED are endless. We fabricate with major manufacturers, like modular systems, to provide a variety of options to customers and businesses alike.

Each of our cabinets feature a smooth steel or solid surface for durability and an easy level of maintenance, at a low cost.

We offer several design options - from solid colours to abstract patterns - to give your café or restaurant a unique and memorable look. 

Our range includes sink and workbench cabinets.

We use all of our resources available to provide you with quality cabinets, at any budget level and size. Our cabinets are practical, reliable and specially made for simple assembly, ideal for any modern kitchen.

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