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Federal Hospitality Equipment shelves an extensive range of high-quality commercial cooking equipment from the leading brands across the world including Fagor, Electmax, Primax and items from our very own warehouse.

Our catering equipment has been built with durable materials and tested for perfect efficiency. Each unit we sell is suited to any type of kitchen or workplace.

FED’s cooking equipment can be broken down into many categories with each one servicing different cooking needs.

We stock cooktops and ranges – which includes our burners and benchtop griddles. FED supplies benchtop equipment for your smaller appliances such as toasters, grills, crepe makers, chip warmers, soup kettles, heat lamps and hot dog machines. Our oven units including pizza ovens, microwaves, conveyor, convection, combi steam and accessories – all sourced from cooking experts. Fryers, which come in either free standing or benchtop designs, sturdy griddle hot plates for fast food and meat dishes, bain maries for using wet or dry heat to cook, natural gas or LPG chargrills for your fish and meats.

We also sell other appliances like bratt pans, boiling pans, electric and gas salamanders – which were built for bakery breads and hot pastries, versatile noodle and pasta cookers for any exotic Asian or Italian cuisine, wok burners for the best stir fries and Asian-style cooking, kebab machines which includes our premium slicers and meat rods to craft your delicious cooked meats, heavy duty electric steamer displays to present your hot snacks in the ideal environment and finally our compact chicken rotisseries for the tastiest homemade or restaurant cooked chicken. These group categories can then extend into other product areas.

Further choice can be made from the type of company you prefer to buy from, the material that the kitchen appliance is crafted with, if you’d like the unit to be benchtop compatible, have a solid top/target top, extra features, a certain design and more.

There is no end to the variety and wealth of selection you can choose from here at FED, our commercial kitchen equipment and cooking appliances are second to none. This provides your restaurant, café or business with choice, quality and efficiency.

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