Our Sydney showroom at Milperra is now closed. The new showroom at Moorebank will open on 1st of May.

Oven Accessories

With a robust and working commercial oven in your restaurant or café you’ll also need to consider relevant accessories to include with your purchase.

At FED, our commercial oven accessories are highly compatible to any of the ovens we stock. These parts include stainless steel oven stands for holding, steel hoods for protection and insulation, deck legs for sturdiness, trolleys with trays and legs with castors for easy movements around your commercial kitchen.

All of our commercial oven parts, tools and extras are composed with heavy duty components, which means that you’ll get your great use for each new accessory that is bought.

Using oven parts and accessories eases the use of your commercial oven during those busy hours and adds versatile functionality to a staple piece within our cooking equipment range.