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Char Grill

Chargrills produce some of the tastiest and most delicious meats imaginable. Commercial grills are built ideally for your crafting the freshest, juiciest meats and Federal Hospitality Equipment has some of these quality units available for purchase from big brands like Gasmax.

At first glance a chargrill takes the appearance of a BBQ, when in fact there’s far more to it. Chargrills are more compact, built with heavy-duty stainless-steel materials for long term use, they are able to cook a variety of different meats and vegetables and add a warm, smoky flavour to your cooking for total taste satisfaction.

Our chargrills fit neatly into any established commercial kitchen, whether that kitchen is in a small fast food work area or restaurant environment. Chargrills are best used for establishments that want to add a new flavour and difference to their cooked meat.

Chargrills are part of our huge cooking equipment variety which includes ovens, fryers, burners, cooktops and benchtop equipment.

These catering equipment cookers work well hand-in-hand with many of the other appliances and tools we have in stock. Our appliances come with both natural and LPG gas options, flame failure and different heating levels.