What is a Combi Oven?

A combi oven is an oven with three functions:
1. convection,
2. steam, and
3. combination cooking.

In the convection mode, the oven circulates dry heat which is deal for pastries and breads. The steam mode injects water into the oven to poach fish, rice and vegetable and the true genius behind the combi oven is the combination mode which uses both dry heat and steam to maintain exact humidity levels, thus giving you more control of the moisture levels in food. These levels are adjustable from 0% to 100% of possible maximum relative humidity. At 100% relative humidity,  you will be able to cook with high heat without burning or excessively drying out food products. The true benefit of a combi oven is it  controls the humidity inside its chamber, maintaining exactly the desired atmosphere, reducing shrinkage and weight loss while also improving cook times and results. 

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