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Espresso Machine Buying Guide

Espresso Machine Buying Guide

Espresso Machine Buying Guide

Super-automatic commercial espresso machines are generally used for large-scale commercial purposes, whereas small-scale businesses like small cafe tend to use semi-automatics or fully automatics. A few guidelines for buying one are as follows:

Choosing the Type of Espresso Machine

Conventional coffee machines can be reliable, require a lower initial investment, often need only in-house maintenance, and are perceived as the traditional way of
preparing espresso. However, these require substantial staff training. Super-automatic machines are easy to operate and require less staff training. They also reduce product cost by 20 to 25 %. On the negative side, most super-automatic machines require have a higher maintenance cost, grind adjustment, are more expensive to purchase, and require a trained technician for maintenance.

There are several different definitions of machines expresso; they generally fit into three categories.

  1. The manual espresso machine needs the full participation of user; the user adds water and coffee grinds and maintains control over the beverage until it is completely brewed.
  2. The semi-automatic espresso machine is a combination of user and machine wherein the user starts the machine, it takes over to brew the coffee, and the user turns the espresso machine off.
  3. The Fully automatic espresso machines This type of machine goes through the entire brewing process from start to finish. Finding the perfect home espresso machine is as easy as visiting your local commercial hospitality retailer. There, you will find different machines that differ in components, colour, and price. Online shopping can also be a great idea for finding that commercial espresso machine that works best for your space restrictions and lifestyle. You can also find consumer reports that can alert you to brands that have performed well in the marketplace.

Now, if you want to make sure that you get the top of the line, cream of the crop expresso machine, you’re going to want to look at some of the features. However, if you’re just looking for a basic, back-to-basics expresso machine for your everyday coffee needs, there are many choices out there.

Finding that perfect espresso coffee machine means determining what level of convenience works best for you. How much you want to be part of the espresso making process will determine the right espresso coffee machine for you. Some of the more complex coffee machines can be pricey. You can limit your research guidelines depending on the buyer’s space considerations & budget.

The Internet can be a reliable source for research purposes. Consumer sites can lead you in the right direction to choosing the perfect expresso machine as far as brand popularity and quality. Shopping around at your local stores will also give you an idea of what models are selling and the prices you should expect to pay.

Choosing a Dealer
It is important to gather information regarding the dealer’s distribution network. In addition, the service dealer should be available 24/7. The sale of the machine should include professional installation; parts warranty; labour warranty (if possible), and a 24-hour callout during the warranty.

Federal Hospitality Equipment (F.E.D) does have a collection of Espresso Machine, please visit to our showroom or call us: 1300 659 409 and explore all the features and get it in a competitive price.

Why Espresso Machine?

why espresso machine for catering business

First of all, what is this popular beverage called espresso? The word espresso is derived from the Italian word meaning express as because espresso is ordered by and delivered quickly to the customer. Best espresso must taste sweet with a strong aroma whose flavor is like a freshly ground coffee.

The wonders of modern science have made it possible for people to make their espresso using coffee espresso machines at home – instead of having to just visit commercial coffee houses for it. Before, coffee houses have to employ professional baristas to brew each cup of coffee for their customers. Now, people can just buy a commercial espresso machine to enjoy their coffee at their convenience.

How does one select the best espresso coffee machine for their purposes? Ideally, consumers should test-run each espresso machine and judge each of the different devices based on the coffee taste, build quality, features, and ease of use. However, since this is not practical, consumers can only rely on testimonials from their friends or turn to the reviews published by popular coffee aficionado magazines. They can also go to the stores and window-shop, asking pertinent questions from salespeople to get the best buy.

So how does an espresso coffee maker work? An espresso machine shoots out water that is 90 degrees Centigrade hot or at a temperature of 195 degrees using 9 bar of pressure into a puck of freshly ground coffee. The oils in the finely ground coffee are thus extracted and emulsified to create that rich, nearly syrupy liquid.

A machine can ideally churn out a double shot of espresso within 25 to 30 seconds from when its pump is initially switched on. The amount of time necessary can be adjusted by putting in the coffee that is either of a finer or coarser blend. Or you can always change the tamping pressure.

Individual espresso machines are combination devices that rely on a steam wand to create milk-based espresso beverages like the cappuccino and latte. The machine brews and then froths milk to produce these drinks.

There are various kinds of espresso coffee machines, which include the pump-driven machine, piston-driven machine, steam espresso machine, stovetop machine, automatic espresso maker and lastly the super automatic espresso machine.

The key to a good espresso is using an excellent espresso blend. Coffees must be specially blended to produce the smoothness, aromatic and sweetness inherent in a good espresso. However, the blend must be freshly ground and brewed within four days of roasting.

Another element of making a good espresso is that the espresso must be roasted light so that its aroma will not be lost. Darkly-roasted espresso produces a bitter liquid that will taste like charcoal. You must filter water used for brewing since if the water tastes weird, it can then affect the outcome of brewing. Make sure that the espresso machine you selected can maintain water temperature between 92 to 96 degrees Centigrade to assure a consistent espresso.

F.E.D is the largest distributor of commercial coffee and Expresso Machines in Australia and also commercial coffee machines are available in New Zealand, So just visit our website to browse the extensive range of trusted brands commercial espresso and coffee machines for your business

The History of the Espresso Machine and Why Bezzera is Your Best Choice

Why Choosing Bezzera Espresso Machine

Here at Federal Hospitality Equipment we understand the importance of coffee to your morning, as crafting the ideal coffee is a good determining factor in starting off your day right. Through the variety of brands we sell here at FED we cannot recommend top quality seller – Bezzera, enough. In fact, we are so confident in the exceptional quality of Bezzera that we can tell you, here and now, our Sydney office utilises Bezzera machines, to craft even our morning coffee/espresso.

Bezzera machines acquire the latest in barista machinery and coffee making, straight form the heart of Italy. Bezzera machines have acted as a workhorse for the Australian marketplace for years.                                                                     

Let’s face facts - Aussies love their coffee, they need their coffee. We have gradually developed into a coffee-loving culture, with the hot beverage becoming a significant staple of our everyday lives. We now see an increasing quantity of cafes and baristas pop up in our local areas, and there’s a reason for that, and none of these cafes trust any brand more than Bezzera.

But what is Bezzera really? How did this brand become so popular and dominant in the market? What’s the history behind it?

For starters we need to head back in time, to the inception of what we love. It all started during the early Italian industrial evolution, where workers were seen to work more efficiently and productively after coffee breaks, however, actual coffee production during this period took an unnecessarily lengthy amount of time – time that could be better utilised.

Enter Milanese man - Luigi Bezzera - who resolved this slow production by proactively inventing and developing the Espresso process in 1901 with the word’s first single-serving espresso machine. He utilised the correct temperature and pressure needed to extract the aromatic oils, resulting in the flavoursome espresso coffee we all love todaBezzera Logoy.

The company, and Bezzera himself, consistently improved coffee production by updating the technology and practicality of their machines and appliances. The Bezzera family is now a fourth generation family business, still refining and perfecting their renowned and prestigious coffee and espresso makers.

Modern day transformations in technology and innovation has not altered Bezzera’s ethos on coffee production.

Many other manufacturers such as Saeco, Faema, Boema, Nuova Simoni, Rancilio, La Pavoni, Expobar, Unic, Grimac, ECM, San Marino, Brasilia, and Wega have utilised Luigi’s invention; but Bezzera still remains the machine of choice. Bezzera’s volumetric espresso machines have always been known in the industry as the Mercedes or BMW, due to their design, reliability and the consistency in their steam pressure. This results in an excellent cup of espresso every time.

At Federal Hospitality Equipment we sell a range of Bezzera machines, both traditional and recent additions to their exclusive line. All of our Bezzera products are advertised at competitive prices and constructed from quality, durable material – shipping in straight from the heart of coffee making – Italy.

We also sell a variety of commercial coffee machines and appliances including coffee grinders, coffee tampers, milk jugs/rinsers and cafe accessories.

You can browse Bezzera’s range on our website here...

Get to know your Coffee Grinder:

Commercial Coffee Grinder  

The two types that are commonly found are the Doser and Doserless variety. Which includes our exclusive Bezzera Commercial Coffee Grinders 


So how do you know which will coffee grinder will suite you?

A Commercial Doser Coffee Grinder works by grinding the beautiful roasted coffee beans which it then stores in a second chamber.

A Doser Coffee Grinder chamber is divided into pie shaped segments that rotate with the pull of a lever to usually deliver around 7 grams of ground coffee. With each rotation a new section will move into the second chamber and with a click of the lever deliver a pre-measured amount of ground coffee into the group head.

This type of grinder is commonly found in commercial cafes. For a Doser Coffe Grinder to work at its best the second chamber must have at least one or two of the segments in the second chamber filled with ground coffee beans. If the Doser Coffe Grinder used to make one espresso than the left over beans in this chamber will go stale. A trick to stop this is to only grind enough coffee beans into the second chamber for the shots you are going to serve.

One of the benefits of a Doser Coffe Grinder is that it delivers quick pre-measured dosage of espresso goodness, this makes the Doser Coffee Grinder best suited for any café or restaurant with a high demand for Espresso Coffee.

If you have restaurant were the demand may be less than Doserless Coffe Grinder might be a better option. In a Doserless Coffe Grinder the roasted beans are ground and exit the grinder directly into the group. It is up to the user to decide how much ground coffee they need for any particular order.

This may lead to overfilling of the group and takes some practice to get it right.

Each type of Commercial Coffee Grinders have their benefits and it will always depend on you to decide which of them best suite your needs. For more information on our Commercial Espresso Range or to see these units in action visit one of our showrooms.

How to Make a Beautiful Espresso with Bezzera


How to make a beautiful Espresso with Bezzera

To make a beautiful espresso you require three key pillars.

Firstly you need premium quality coffee beans, secondly a trained barista and last but not least a quality commercial espresso machine.

Luckily at Federal we can help you on two of these fronts but sadly one of them isn't a trained barista... …better luck next time.

But none the less we can assist you on your journey for the perfect cup of espresso. How? you ask, by providing you with a range of premium quality coffee beans and high quality espresso coffee machines to match.

This range will include the beautifully designed and made Bezzera Italian espresso machines.

Why Choose Bezzera?

Many other manufacturers such as Saeco, Faema, Boema, Nuova Simonell, Rancilio, La Pavoni, Expobar, Unic, Grimac, ECM, San Marino, Brasilia and Wega have utilised Luigi’s invention, but Bezzera still remains the machine of choice. Bezzera’s espresso machines have always been known in the industry as the Mercedes or BMW, due to their design, reliability and the consistency in their steam pressure which results in the producing of an excellent cup of espresso every time.

Here are some key points to note about Bezzera:

One of the key factors on the way to that perfect cup of coffee is the consistency of the pressure, developed when extracting the coffee. Too little resistance in the coffee handle does not allow for sufficient pressure that results in an under extracted coffee: weak with little crema. Too much resistance on the other hand will cause an over extraction, bitter coffee and with little crema. Also you should note that they are:

o Inventor of Espresso machines in 1901
Family owned by the Bezzera family with a continual focus on producing machines that live up to the family
honour and reputation.
o Have been perfecting espresso machines and their manufacture for over 100 years
High degree of temperature stability
o Superior steam availability & thermal stability due to double probe (Low/Hi) boiler system to control precisely the ratio of steam and water – unique to Bezzera machines
Produced with high quality components with all panels being top grade stainless steel

Bezzera has over 105 years experience in the design and manufacture of coffee machines which has lead to renown reliability, quality and performance.

To find out more about how we can assist you in achieving that perfect cup of espresso, please visit our site today.
Alternatively visit your nearest Showroom for a demonstration.