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Bezzera Brand Products


Luigi Bezzera invented the espresso process in 1901 – the correct temperature and pressure needed to extract the aromatic oils resulting in the flavorsome espresso coffee we all love today.

Many other manufacturers such as Saeco, Faema, Boema, Nuova Simoni, Rancilio, La Pavoni, Expobar, Unic, Grimac, ECM, San Marino, Brasilia, and Wega have utilised Luigi’s invention; but Bezzera still remains the machine of choice. Bezzera’s volumetric espresso machines have always been known in the industry as the Mercedes or BMW, due to their design, reliability and the consistency in their steam pressure. This results in an excellent cup of espresso every time.


The Arcadia features the ability to adjust the temperature of each individual group head as well as a completely customizable pressure for each stage of extraction. This enables accurate setting of the brew ratio to produce the perfect espresso.

Thanks to an innovative patent pending hydraulic system consisting of 2 independent circuits; the Arcadia is the first professional espresso machine able to prepare coffee with the drip brewing method with the same brewing head used to brew an espresso (only available on DE display version).