Top 7 Factors to Consider When Choosing Kitchen Equipment Suppliers

Currently, the market size of kitchen products globally is estimated to be $79 billion. Between 2020 and 2027, it is projected to increase by 7%. Among the things that will influence the uptake of such products is the growth of the tourism industry.

Understand that the type of equipment you plan to use in your kitchen plays a crucial role in how your business functions and makes money.

With plenty of kitchen equipment to consider, choosing kitchen equipment suppliers can be a challenge. However, this isn't the case if you perform careful research and planning.

Planning to purchase kitchen equipment for your restaurant? Here are a few things to consider when choosing kitchen equipment suppliers.

1. They Should Have Products That Are of High Quality

If you work in a commercial kitchen, you understand that the area is always busy, with many of them running throughout the day. When searching for an equipment supplier, consider those with equipment capable of handling the rigours of daily use. This can either be used or new restaurant equipment.

When selecting new equipment, go for brands and model types that are of high quality. As for the used products, check the length of use and current condition before buying them. Regardless of the type of appliance you choose, it should be designed from commercial–grade material that guarantees extended service life.

Before accepting any kitchen equipment, inspect it for functional or physical problems.

2. Consider Whether to Go For Traditional or Modern Options

When selecting a kitchen equipment supplier, you may be torn between traditional vs. modern equipment. While some kitchen supplies may be considered traditional, they've proved to be effective when used in a commercial kitchen.

A great example is the immersion hand blender, which is popularly used for mixing different products such as margarita and mayonnaise. Some supplies have a functional appeal, which is the case with electric spice grinders.

Such products are useful for cooks as they save you the time you'll use crashing products using a pestle and mortar.

3. Take Into Account the Dimensions of the Equipmentmeasure equipment dimension

The size of your kitchen will dictate the size of equipment you should consider. While it's advisable to choose kitchen equipment according to your cooking needs, never select a supplier who doesn't have options that can fit your space.

Kitchen supplies such as blenders and toasters may fit perfectly in any kitchen space. If you have a large counter-top, equipment such as espresso makers is a great choice. However, large appliances like ovens and dishwashers need to be properly sized before being incorporated into your space.

Before getting such equipment, take measurements of your space before finding a supplier that can provide you with the equipment that covers your area.

4. Safety of the Equipment Should Be a Priority

When it comes to selecting kitchen products, you should never overlook the safety of the equipment. For instance, go for non-slip texture material handles, particularly knives. This is because they make it easier to peel or cut different food, even with wet hands.

To avoid getting burnt, choose tongs with long handles and a lock to stop the arms from opening. You should also know that using electrical appliances around water poses great risks. Ensure that you use cordless supplies whenever possible.

5. Take Time to Learn More About a Supplierlearn more kitchen equipment suppliers

When in need of commercial kitchen appliances, contact a reputable dealer in your area. However, before committing to a sale, learn more about their operation. Ch

eck the number of years they've been in operation and whether they offer a warranty for their products.

The other important aspect of performing a background check is learning about their reputation. You can check this by reading online reviews on different websites.

It's also a good idea to visit their showroom. This will help you get a first-hand experience of the type of products they're offering. You can still receive advice on the types of equipment that best suit your business needs.

6. Your Kitchen Equipment Should Be Easy to Maintain

easy maintenance

Given that restaurants have a high turnover, you should think about the level of your kitchen equipment maintenance. This includes aspects such as the ease of operating and storing.

It's also important to consider the procedure necessary to clean your equipment to ensure it meets the sanitary standard necessary for preparing food. Also, watch out for the NSF symbol, as this shows that it's compliant with the food safety standard.

7. Think About the Cost and Energy Efficiency of Your Equipment

Commercial equipment can take a huge part of your initial capital. That's why it's important to first source the most important equipment. Ensure that you select high-quality products to avoid the need for frequent replacement over time.

Remember that quality kitchenware can help sustain the cleanliness and quality of your food. Another important aspect to think about is the energy efficiency of your equipment. Considering energy-efficient supplies will cut on energy wastage, helping you make a huge saving on your monthly bills.

Additionally, such types of equipment are more affordable in the long run. This is regardless of the high initial cost.

Learn the Approaches to Choosing Kitchen Equipment Suppliers

There are many appliances that a commercial kitchen requires to ensure that they operate efficiently. It can be challenging to know what you should keep or leave. When choosing kitchen equipment suppliers, ensure that they can offer the products you want.

The quality of the products is the most crucial in ensuring that your supplies last for a long time. When it comes to sourcing commercial kitchen equipment, such as bain marie and bar fridges Australia offers, it's vital to prioritize quality and ensure that the supplier can meet your specific requirements.

Are you looking for high-quality and cost-effective commercial kitchen equipment for your commercial hotel? Contact us today, and we will help you choose the product that best suits your needs.