Stainless steel benches are the most widely used type of benches across the hospitality industry, globally. Stainless steel products and appliances are renowned for their polished and slick look combined with a highly robust and strong build that promises a long-life span for your kitchen appliances and restaurant equipment.

To sum it up, stainless steel catering equipment are the basic work benches used across the board for all commercial kitchens for their longevity, shiny look, build, hygiene, simple cleaning processes, resistance to acidic ingredients and durable material.

Many catering equipment brands and experts, like Federal Hospitality Equipment, primarily sell stainless steel constructed appliances and equipment for these reasons and because it’s the basic product material kitchens use for reliance and practicality.

 The Importance of Stainless Steel Benches in the Kitchen


Federal Hospitality Equipment, along with other catering equipment brands, also sell other appliances that fit with a stainless-steel bench or product, such as stainless-steel trolleys, stainless steel cabinets, sinks, pans, bowls and gastronorm pans.

This equipment is made from the same materials or composition and works most efficiently with your primary stainless-steel products.

Federal Hospitality Equipment sells many of these products along with a varied range of stainless-steel benches, parts, components and appliances including sink benches, stainless steel mobile benches, drawers, wall shelves, mop sinks, hand basins, tables, undershelves, leg braces, desks, sink bowls and spare castors. Most of these products come from FED’s own exclusive line and from Modular Systems, one of the world’s leading catering equipment brands when it comes to stainless steel constructed equipment and appliances made specifically for commercial kitchens.



Stainless Steel Commercial KitchenPossible one of the main factors that contributes the popular and necessary inclusion of stainless-steel products within your kitchen is their cleanliness, hygiene and sustainability. Commercial kitchens can get messy and caked with dirt, fungi and bacteria, so utilising stainless-steel products (which are also much easier to clean in comparison to other materials) eases the hassle of ensuring your workspace and kitchen is both sanitary, hygienic and safe in crafting your meals for your hungry customers. In the end they help in controlling and minimising potential health risks.

Asides from being clean, versatile and widely used stainless steel is also one of the strongest materials you can use within your workspace. Stainless steel products will never break, crack or fracture. They’re the least corrosive out of many of the other competing appliances on sale and are made to last for the long haul. If you’re utilising a commercial kitchen bench, the chances of spillage is high, especially during peak restaurant hours, and while a normal kitchen bench may stain, a stainless-steel bench will cause the least hassle or damage by comparison. This is because of a steel bench’s resistance to corrosiveness, foreign matter and the hygienic surface.

Equipment is highly expensive, especially when you’re on a budget, so it’s usually much safer to go with a stainless-steel bench or piece of equipment for its proficient longevity, reliability and durability.



Federal Hospitality Equipment offers only the highest quality stainless steel benches and appliances within the catering equipment industry, all sourced from the most successful brands. Any of the stainless-steel benches, products or appliances sold here at FED is entirely designed for practicality and durability purposes within any commercial kitchen.