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Top tips for buying used commercial kitchen equipment

Are you in that position where you feel stuck and tired? You have the catering skills, and everybody around is saying you are going to have a big restaurant. But here you are with some few bucks that can't procure half of the equipment for your small restaurant. And now, you are thinking of getting a loan to start a business that you are not sure of what lies ahead. Don't give up too soon on your dreams. Other choices will get your restaurant running in a few days with that little capital, of which buying used kitchen equipment is one.

 Top tips for buying used commercial kitchen equipment
Purchasing used commercial kitchen equipment is often the best choice for an upcoming catering business. The truth is that some notable restaurants also opt-in for this decision to save money in times of financial crisis. However, it has been the greatest nightmare to others, and one would be taking a big risk without knowing the needful. For this reason, federal kitchen equipment has decided to educate people on the topic by sharing the top tips in buying used kitchen equipment.


1. Go for products with a lesser time of usage

Used equipment within the range of 1-3years is excellent because they tend to last longer than others. These tools are usually sold out because their owners are quitting the business, or they want to sell it out to cater for other needs. Therefore, most of their components are still intact, and it requires little or no amount to bring them back to form. Never go for a product that is beyond this time scope. Remember the belief that products that have been in use for long won't last long like those of a short period. Also, don't hesitate to ask for the years the tools have been used, though it is hard to find a trustworthy dealer who will disclose the truth.   


Ex-Showroom Griddle Top - F.E.D.2. Buy kitchen equipment manufactured by reputable brands

Before you buy either a used or new product, it is advisable to do your research on the best brand. Don't rely only on reviews and what you see on the internet. Try as much as possible to converse with people in the catering business to find out the brands with the last longing product. Sometimes the foreign product is the best while in some other aspect locally made product is very effective. Although people claim that brands like Vulcan and Wolf are nice, don't forget that each brand has its strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, give no room for blind decisions and seek out expert advice.


3. Dent and scratch equipment are the best

Dent and scratched tools are those that are rejected by buyers after shipping because they have an indentation on them, and the company sells them at a lesser price. The dents and scratches are not a big problem, and it is not related to the technical functionality of the equipment. It's usually based on paintings or cosmetic damage. Going for stuff like this is a smart move because it will work perfectly like a brand new one. You can later go for painting or blending the scratch if the tool is meant for advertisement like the display fridge.


Ex-Showroom Coffee Machine - F.E.D.4. Go for the product with warranty

Warranty is another reason behind buying a product that has been used for a lesser period. During that period, the warranty, a document issued by the manufacturing company to the buyer that assures the value and usability of a product for a specific time interval, is still valid. Therefore, you can claim the right when unexpected damage occurs, provided that the warranty is transferable. The company will be the one to incur for the whole or half of the cost to repair the damaged base on the agreement.


5. Think simple

The simplicity of secondhand tools will reduce the chance of dealing with the unforeseen damaging of parts. It's a standard law that sophisticated equipment has a higher percentage of getting spoilt because it comprises many components. For this reason, restaurateurs should think less about buying used electrical equipment. They consist of many circuit boards and elements making it very hard to detect and correct any abnormalities. Yes, it's understandable that they are comfortable to utilize and manage, but buying their secondhand is the last thing you want to do.

There is nothing wrong with purchasing used gas equipment. Their design is simple, and their working principle is more mechanical. Most errors are related to leakages or blockages, and the repair is usually changing parts or tightening some nuts. However, on the issue of gas equipment, restaurant owners should buy their new gas fryers to avoid an explosion. The tool is too cheap to destroy the thinking of buying a used one, and it doesn't worth the risk.  

Meanwhile, the restaurant can buy more used furniture, tables, sink, and stainless tables to kitchenware.  


Ex-Showroom Commercial Oven - F.E.D.6. Request for the operation manual

You should demand the manual if you are not familiar with the control of the equipment. The manual will teach both you and your workers on the usage and maintenance of the machine. Running complex equipment using intuition or idea will reduce its life span.


7. Availabilities of parts

You would agree with me that this is the reason we have abandoned cars at the mechanic workshop nowadays. People buy expensive stuff without caring about the availability of their components. And I am pretty sure that you won't want to experience this disappointing situation at the beginning of your restaurateur career. For this reason, you should research if the equipment's spare parts are readily available very close to you. Don't depend on an online store for the elements- what if it takes longer for the spare parts to reach you. Will your business have to suffer for that long?


8. Watch the equipment in use

If possible, demand that the machine is operated before you. This makes you determine whether it meets up your expectations or not, and also detects out the faults in it.

Used Commercial Kithchen Equipment - Ex-Showroom Stock Clearance

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