Kitchen Equipment That's a Must for Your Catering Business

Australia has a thriving foodservice industry, with the sector valued at an estimated $43.53 billion in 2020. The industry is expected to experience steady growth through 2026.

Each year, new catering businesses enter the foodservice industry, with many going on to experience great success. At the moment, the number of restaurants across the country stands at about 24,290. But Australia is a vast country, and there’s lots of room for new food businesses that want to serve hungry Australians finger-licking treats. 

The secret to running a successful food business is having a great commercial kitchen. And a great kitchen is the sum total of its catering equipment. 

But exactly what catering kitchen equipment should you purchase when opening a food business? That depends on what type of food you’ll be serving. But there are certain types of equipment that are required in just about every commercial kitchen. 

Here are seven of them.


Ovens for Catering Business

A top-quality oven is an integral part of your commercial kitchen equipment. Different varieties of ovens exist today, so you can be sure you’ll get something that works perfectly for you.

Your choice of the oven will largely depend on the type of food business you want to run, as well as what food you’ll use the oven to prepare. For instance, if you’re opening a bakery, it’s unlikely that you’ll be looking for the same type of oven that a fine-dining restaurant needs.

Besides function, there are other factors you need to consider while shopping for a commercial oven. These include size, quality, price, and warranty.

Of course, it’s still possible to have different types of ovens in the same food business, especially if you cook a wide array of dishes.

Range and Ventilation

Now that you’re through sorting your ovens out, you’ll want to think about a proper range and ventilation. A range is an important component of your overall cooking gear, while the ventilation is meant to ensure good airflow, so your kitchen employees stay comfortable. 

Food business owners can choose between two options when purchasing ranges. You can opt to buy a gas range or decide to go electric. Each has its pros and cons, so do a little research to find out which of the two will make the best catering equipment for you.

Be sure to pick commercial kitchen ventilation carefully as well. Consider such factors as air volume flow rate, static pressure, size, noise, and energy efficiency.

Food Processors

Food processors are used in the kitchen for slicing, chopping, grinding, shredding, and pureeing various food types. As you can imagine, these are a necessity in any busy commercial kitchen.

You can find a wide variety of food processors on the market today. However, the four main ones are:

  • Batch bowl processor
  • Continuous feed food processor
  • Buffalo choppers
  • Combination processors

Each of these processors works differently. Your chef should be able to advise you on which one to buy.


Another essential item to have in a commercial kitchen is a mixer. Mixers are especially useful if you’ll be making bread or desserts. These appliances are available in a variety of types, including:

  • Hand mixers
  • Floor mixers
  • Countertop mixers

The type of mixer you end up with will largely depend on the type and amount of food you’ll be using it for, as well as how often you’ll use the appliance.

Freezer and Refrigerator


It’s impossible to overemphasize the importance of an efficient refrigerator and freezer in a commercial kitchen. These appliances help keep the food in your restaurant fresh for a long time. 

When shopping for commercial fridges and freezers, take into consideration the size and capacity that’ll serve your kitchen well. If possible, opt for reach-in refrigerators as they’re extremely convenient for your kitchen staff. Walk-in coolers are also quite easy to use and are a good option for restaurants that have lots of space and need to store a considerable amount of food.

Consider the features that your fridge and freezer come with as well. Modern coolers now feature a ton of nice features, such as automatic temperature control and speciality ice dispensers.

Cooking Equipment

There are lots of components of cooking equipment you’ll need when opening a food business. Ideally, you want to buy as many of these items as possible, so your staff doesn’t need to keep pausing between meals to wash utensils. 

Among the cooking equipment, you'll want are pots and pans of various sizes, chef’s knives, spoons for mixing and tasting food, whisks, mixing bowls, and spatulas. You’ll also need to add ladles, baking pans, tongs, sheets, roasting pans, rags, and towels.


Now that you have the equipment you need to get the food ready, it’s time to think about what you’ll use to serve your restaurant guests. Make a list of all the serving ware you think you’ll need, and procure these items in generous amounts.

Some of the components of servingware that you need to purchase include dishware, glassware, flatware, dinnerware, displayware, and linens. Be sure to stock these items in varying sizes and shapes where applicable.

Great Kitchen Equipment Powers Successful Catering Businesses 

The secret to making catering businesses successful is to invest in top-notch catering equipment. Without the right tools, even the best chefs will struggle to whip up a meal that clients will love. But once you provide your staff with a superbly equipped kitchen, you’ll have guests lining up to get a taste of your well-cooked delicacies.

Are you in the market for top-quality kitchen equipment for your food business? Get in touch with us today and enjoy the best deals.