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When you're looking to add more profits to your restaurant business, it only makes sense to try to get more customers to try out your food. But this is tricky when you only have so many tables in your location. To help drum up the business without having to find more tables, you might want to try restaurant business catering. Starting profitable is your first concern.

How to start a restaurant business with a profit

Starting off on the right foot

When you're ready to start a side business of catering, you will want to begin by creating a restaurant business plan as you did for the first start of your business. This will include the menu items that you plan to sell, the prices, and the hours that you will be doing catering services. You will also want to decide whether or not you will be catering large functions like weddings. Try to create as clear a plan as you can for your catering business and then follow that plan.

Slow and steady does it

You will want to make sure that you are starting off slowly with your catering business at first so that it does not interrupt with your regular restaurant responsibilities. Try to slowly take on new orders to see how popular it could be. Talk with your current customers to see what they think about your ideas and then offer coupons should they decide to try your catering business as well. 

When business begins to boom

If you want to make a catering business thrive, you will want to ensure you have more than enough staff to cover the responsibilities of handling the business. Hire more staff than you think is necessary for cooking and delivering the food in addition to your regular team. Of course, if some of your average team wants to work for the catering business in addition to their regular shifts, this is ideal. Also, make sure that you are ordering more than you think is necessary for the catering business so that you're never running out of stock. 

When it becomes a profitable venture

You might want to think of renting additional space to create a location for the catering business alone to use. This will allow your cooks for the catering to have their work areas and for the catering company to have its pick up point if you decide to offer that too.

Catering can be an excellent way to drum up new business for your restaurant as well. Try to advertise as much as you can with your catering delivery vehicle and your menus. Offer discounts to customers that use your catering service and encourage them to tell a friend to try the service too. The more word of mouth that spreads about your restaurant through the catering business, the more likely you are to have more profits in both areas.

The only thing you want to avoid when you are trying to start a catering business is to focus too much or too little attention on either part of your business venture. You need to give both still as much attention as you can so that they are both a success.

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