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How to clean your Cafe restaurant furniture easily?

clean sticky restaurant tables

Do you know how to clean sticky restaurant tables?

For some people, any form of cleaning could be a burden. For them, cleaning could be as complicated as it can be. They fail to realize that cleaning does not have to be that way. It could get as easy as it can if you just know the useful tips on how to make cleaning easier and simpler in the cafe and restaurant. Dilute Murphy Oil Soap in water, apply it straight to the table for stickier residue. Wipe the table with a soft cloth to remove the sticky residue. Also, cleaning does not always have to involve the use of chemicals or intimidating machines.

Having a clean Restaurant Dining Table is beautiful. It is beautiful to the eyes of the Restaurant owner as well as for the customers. A clean Restaurant reflects the character of the owner or the people maintaining it. What if you have a decent looking dining, but you have a stinky odour in the table or any area of the dining? This is bad because foul odours are also recognizable just like the untidiness.

Cleaning your Restaurant Dining Table is one essential skill that one person must have. Let’s not deny the crucial fact that a clean Dining Table signifies a clean Restaurant.

Cleaning your Restaurant table may be very exhausting for your stuffs, and if you don't have proper guideline for your stuff that how to make table cleaning work easier and faster than you cannot just spend the entire day cleaning your Table or removing stains or disinfect tables or just simply cleaning something like your Restaurant appliance, computer, etc. You need to make your table cleaning as fast as necessary but as efficient as it may be and ensure your restaurant’s hygiene. In cleaning table by your stuff and prepare the necessary materials to make your task easy and fast.

Here are some simple steps on how to clean sticky restaurant tables quickly and correctly.

Cleaning the Restaurant Dining Table is often overlooked. But many would ask just how exactly would you clean up this table? To clean Restaurant tables, follow the steps recommended in as follows:

  1. First, use a soapy solution to clean tables or using a clean disposable paper towel
  2. Second, after cleaning the surface with soap and rinsing with water try to disinfect tables by using a diluted bleach solution



When to Disinfect?

• Before and after snack

• Before going home

• Before and after lunch

• After messy party

How can you remove the wrong scent?

You can place deodorizer to overcome the unpleasant smell. You can put exhaust fans, but it is not practical to put it in every area of the Restaurant. You need something that will absorb the bad odour. Below are proven ways to absorb bad odours:

  1. You can use two containers of used ground coffee to remove the unpleasant smell in your Restaurant refrigerator.
  2. Washed charcoal absorbs the bad odour in your Restaurant Kitchen
  3. Frying a cinnamon on the stove can keep the bad odours away in your Restaurant

Clean all your table accessories regularly. Cleaning table accessories also help in keeping them shiny and looking new. Aside from these, you also promote safety for your customer and decrease the probability of future infection and damage from dirty tables.

Don’t neglect your restaurant table cleaning! Your restaurant is Your investment, or it is the place to go to finance your investment. You also entertain your customers and do some of YOUR BEST THINKING at the restaurant area. YOU AND YOUR staffs DESERVE to have a CLEANING SERVICE that RESPECTS your work area as they would their own home. Teach your employees how to clean it properly.

Remember to follow the list you have made. Don’t leave any task unfinished before moving on to the next one. You should also let your stuff rearrange the dining table. And at the end of the day, praise them for a job well done. This is the best way encourage them to redo it!