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How to select the correct commercial catering equipment for your restaurant

The choice of Catering equipment suitable for a bar, restaurant or coffee is essential to a profitable business. catering equipment must be functional and fits your kitchen design. 

Purchasing restaurant equipment starts with the desire of customers, based on a realistic assessment of what to buy and how much to spend.

On the one hand, the purchase of cheap catering equipment from an unknown brand can help the economy, but on the other hand, purchasing a reputable manufacturer can be more profitable in the long term. Another benefit of buying a product with a famous mark is a guarantee that it will comply with all regulations. Generally, you can also expect better customer service and warranty service.

Catering equipment must operate at full capacity all the time, that is why even the small cafe must use a computer categorised under only commercial specification. For example, a domestic refrigerator, unlike commercial,  is not designed for the constant opening of doors, commercial DishWasher has a fast (1-3 minutes) wash cycles and high output (up to 1000 plates per hour).

While buying catering equipment for your business, it is important to choose the right service design. Do not waste your money on the range of heavy duty, light commercial, but do not buy light commercial equipment for heavy use as well.

We recommend the following important factors, you need to think before buying any types of equipment.

Gas or electric catering equipment

The products for electrical equipment for catering are often cheaper to buy and easy to install.

Gas or LPG catering equipment products are more popular because of their lower operating costs and increased output power. Also don’t waste gas energy to heat and keep warm after use, as the electrical system. However, the gas equipment requires a qualified professional installer that influences the final cost of implementation. 

Warranty and spare parts

Suddenly, a broken machine can lead to loss of much money. To avoid this, always check the warranty details before purchasing. on-site parts and labor free services usually called creeks, change the broken pieces and sending an engineer to the customer, although the return to the base means that the customer must return the broken product for repair. Sometimes it can take much time and money to find a replacement for broken parts, including an imported bit of play. 

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Production Capacity 

Last but not least, it is important to ensure that the chosen model of catering equipment has required specifications as the capacity and output, and is easy to clean. To make the best return on your investment to ensure that the team has acquired the capacity for future business growth.