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Weeknight dinners can be a concern, especially throughout the holiday season. With extra social gatherings and school activities, you'll need quick filling meals. The one-hour ham and bean soup will easily fit the bill.

Best food processor tip: Your processor will make it simple for you to make a thick creamy bottom to your soup. While your soup is simmering, bake up some cornbread from a mix and cut up some fresh fruit or vegetables. You'll have complete meal very quickly. This makes a great meal for families with staggered schedules, because soup may be quickly reheated.

Best time-saving tip: Keep your food processor out in plain sight or in a drawer in your kitchen. You'll realize that you use it far more often when you've it out. If you use it more often, you'll continue steadily to uncover more and more approaches to speed-up your daily cooking jobs. You could even try recipes you would not have thought about before, simply because your mini food processor makes it more convenient. Move out your food processor once to produce several batches previously, then freeze for a quick meal later.

Best nutritional tip: Beans are high in protein and reduced in fat. Pork can also be fairly lean if you look for the proper cut. Be considered a tag reader to ensure you are obtaining the cheapest fat content you can. Apart from the protein content, this soup is loaded with more vegetables. Remember that together with the ham and canned beans can really push the sodium content up. Pick either water for the broth or perhaps a low-sodium chicken broth to keep the salt under control. This soup also packs a monstrous 14.1 grams of soluble fibre per serving. That's a little more than half the necessity for each day. It could be difficult to get enough fibre each day. In the event that you serve it with some fruit or vegetables and some whole grain bread or cornbread, you'll be well on your way to better digestive health.

Best money-saving cooking tip: is a great soup to make from your pantry. Buy up cans of beans and tomato sauce once they go on sale or when you have coupons (even better, both at the same time). Ham frequently goes on sale in a rotating cycle with other meats in your grocer's meat counter. You can get regular circulars in the store itself, in the paper, and several can be found on the web (and can even be sent right to your email inbox). Keep an eye on these sales and buy enough ham as you are able to use some now and freeze some for later. This can keep you from returning to the store for more ham once the price increases again. The vegetables in this soup will even keep reasonably well in the kitchen or the refrigerator.