Know more about Display fridges & Cake fridges

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These days, we all enjoy the luxury and convenience of Display and cake fridges for our food so that it keeps longer. But what if you want to store frozen food in bulk, perhaps for a large family, or you simply need greater storage capacity? Then you will need to look at the various types of freezer options that are currently available.

Type of display & cake fridges

The two most popular types of freezer widely available for commercial use today are Display and cake fridges. So what are the differences between these

Display and cake fridges freezer types?

What are their advantages and disadvantages? 

The first thing you will notice is that Display and cake fridges stand upright while chest freezers are oriented horizontally. These means that they will require more floor space. For this reason, they are usually placed in a garage or utility room.

Display and cake fridges can usually be placed with the rest of your kitchen units and are likely to be the better choice when space is at a premium. Their upright orientation also means that upright freezers can be more convenient regarding sorting food items into different compartments so that meat can be kept separate from vegetables for example. This kind of separation is not normally possible with chest freezers so it can be more difficult to organize your supplies effectively.

However, Display and cake fridges are cheaper to buy than upright freezers, and you will certainly get more storage capacity for the equivalent price. If you have sufficient space and are looking to save money, then a Display and cake fridges may be your best option. You should carefully weigh up the pros and cons and decide for yourself which is the best freezer type for your particular circumstances.

Additional Features

There are several extra features that you might want to look out for when considering Display and cake fridges for sale.

Frost-free freezers save you the chore of defrosting your freezer at regular intervals because they prevent the freezer from icing up.

Some models feature auto fast freeze, which is a safety measure that comes into play when the temperature in the freezer gets too high. It will automatically turn off when the food is properly frozen again.

Energy Efficiency and the Environment

Display and cake fridges are among the most energy-efficient of kitchen appliances. The reason for this is that cold air tends to sink and stay at the bottom of the freezer chest. This means that less cold air will be lost when you open your chest freezer lid compared to when you open the door to a conventional upright fridge or freezer. Therefore they need to consume less power and can maintain low temperatures more efficiently. This can be a great advantage if an unexpected power cut should occur because your food items will stay frozen for longer.

When you are looking for a cold unit , or considering purchasing any other kind of refrigeration unit, such as fridge freezers, table top freezer, Australian style fridge freezers or even if you are looking at commercial Display and cake fridges refrigeration, never buy appliances which release chlorofluorocarbons (CFC gases) which are potentially damaging to the ozone layer. Similarly, try to avoid HFCs (hydro fluorocarbons) which may help to accelerate global warming. Always look for the Energy Star seal to ensure that your new freezer is efficient, energy saving and environmentally friendly.

The energy efficiency of freezers is rated on a scale that ranges from A++ to G. Appliances with an A++ rating are the most energy-efficient and are therefore the cheapest to run. G-rated appliances are the least efficient and should be avoided.

Choosing A New Display and cake fridges

Here is a summary of the points you should bear in mind when deciding whether to buy a Display and cake fridges refrigeration unit:

  • How much space do you have? If you have limited space, a compact Display and cake fridges freezer may be more appropriate than a chest freezer.
  • Do you need to store large amounts of food in your freezer? Display and cake fridges have much greater capacity than an upright freezer that you could buy at an equivalent price.
  • Do you want extra features such as frost-free or auto fast freeze?
  • Is your new freezer energy-efficient and environmentally friendly?