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Stainless Steel Wall Shelves produced from steel are just the items for kitchens. Especially designed refrigeration shelves and their replacement parts that can easily be adjusted are made from stainless steel. This kind of shelving is often made from steel wire that facilitates airflow and temperature. Another type of steel shelving that finds use in this industry includes tables and charts. Usually, they come with adjustable steel tops. Here again, it has the advantage of being sterilized efficiently. Such surfaces can easily be scrubbed and washed with steel wool to have continued sanitary conditions without any fear of damaging the same, that’s quite unlike wood, Formica or plastic tops that would get scratched.You are assured of their lifetime durability. Moreover, these areas tend to get dusty a bit too soon, but steel wall shelving offers the advantage of easy cleaning.

Wall shelves for restaurants provide not only additional space but also ideal accessories to give that distinctive look to your restaurant's décor. Having steel wall shelves gives a more streamlined look, more so when space is small. There are no brackets that show on the wall, giving it a clean look. They present a very light and airy look, without the big looks of wood in the background.

When you are hard pressed for space, Wall Shelves make an excellent idea. It’s about time you started considering to complete your collection of stainless steel appliances with matching steel wall shelving for your commercial kitchen.When it comes to superior quality Steel Wall Shelves at cost-effective prices, F.E.D Wall Shelving Systems is the best for quality and value for money. 

When it comes to experienced and professional shelving systems that will save you vast amounts of space, we have everything you need. With over 20 years experience in the industry, all our metal shelving, commercial stainless steel cabinets, and commercial stainless steel shelves are quality certified products that are built to last.