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Fagor EVO-ADVANCE pass-through dishwasher with drain pump AD-125HRS

Hood type dishwasher

- EVO Generation

- Advance range. Fagor EVO-ADVANCE pass-through dishwasher with drain pump, detergent and rinse dispenser and HRS


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Fagor EVO-ADVANCE pass-through dishwasher with drain pump, detergent and rinse dispenser and HRS AD-125HRS

For those who believe that technology and simplicity can go hand-in-hand, the E-VO CONCEPT has arrived. Versions

  • Hood type dishwasher - EVO Generation - Advance range.
  • Hourly production: 65 baskets/hour - 1170 dishes/hour.
  • Clearance (max ware height): 440 mm.
  • Wash cycles: 55"- 90" - 120".
  • GLASS cycle: special program for washing glassware, based on the
  • specifications of hygiene and safety standard DIN 10511. Cycle of 90
  • seconds, with temperatures: 60 °C (wash) and 65 ºC (rinse).
  • HRS: version with energy recuperator. HRS collects and condenses the
  • steam exhausted by the machine after a full cleaning cycle, and heats up the
  • input water. Power: 30 W.
  • Made of stainless steel. Includes double skin
  • insulated hood, external, front and side panels.
  • Full double skin body and hood to isolate machine’s noise from the
  • environment.
  • Counterbalanced hood.
  • Double rotating wash and rinse systems made of stainless steel, above and
  • below.
  • Tray filters on the tank, made of AISI-304 stainless steel.
  • Two wash pumps, 600 W each.
  • Rinsing pump: 260 W. Air break system.
  • Drain pump: 70 W. Drainage cycle.
  • Tank with 1.8 kW heating element.
  • Tank capacity: 28 litres.
  • Boiler with multipower heating elements: 3 / 4,5 / 6 / 9 kW.
  • Boiler capacity: 9 litres.
  • Water consumption: 2.4 litres/rinse.
  • Thermostatic temperature control: washing at 60ºC and rinsing at 90ºC.
  • Thermo stop system that guarantees minimum rinsing temperature of 85ºC.
  • Safety thermostats.
  • Built-in automatic rinse dispenser and detergent doser.
  • Safety magnetic switch for hood opening.
  • Adjustable legs.
  • Water protection rating: IPX5

Total power: adjustable: 4,2 ÷ 12,0 kW.
Dimensions: 658 x 756 x 1540 mm.
Height with HRS recuperator: 2.200 mm.
Baskets equipment: 1 x CT-10, 1 x CP-16/18 and 8 cutlery containers.



Net Weight (Kg) 160
Width (mm) 658
Depth (mm) 756
Height (mm) 2258
Packing Width (mm) 700
Packing Depth (mm) 840
Packing Height (mm) 2040
Power adjustable: 4,2 ÷ 43.2 MJ


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