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At Federal Hospitality Equipment we stock a huge range of fridges and freezers from all the leading brands across the globe such as Italia Cool and Thermaster. We stock benchtop display fridges, cake display fridges, bar fridges, bench fridges and workbench fridges, all of which feature a stainless steel build internal ventilation and cooling. 

Our benchtop display units come from our own trusted range. We have supplied restaurants, cafes and other catering equipment specialists across the country from our huge range in stock. 

In comparison to other fridges, Benchtop display fridges, or bench fridges, provide you, your staff and your customers with easy access to fresh stock with a clear view from the glass display built into each unit for viewing. Bench fridges can instantly catch a customer’s sight from the get-go, and is a great way to store and sell in a fast-paced hospitality environment. 

Benchtop refrigeration and countertop display fridges keep your food cool for freshness and present an eye-catching presentation to your customer. Whether it is for pastries, cakes, beverages, fruit, salads, sandwiches or ingredients/stock, a benchtop display fridge is sure to add only advantages to your establishment. Our benchtop display fridges and countertop displays refrigerators are always an ideal product for your storefront or kitchen space, and a must-have for any takeaway shop or café. 

Our range presents an attractive display with a strongly built base, constructed with a refined stainless steel framework and double glazed, optimal viewing glass with specially added extras and features for convenience and freshness. We sell both premium quality and economical units depending on your budgetary needs. We also sell a variety of sizes so you can effectively fit your unit within your store or workspace. 

We help all of our customers and clients find the ideal display fridge suited especially to their needs with our wealth of knowledge and experience within the industry. 

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