Where To Find The Largest Range And Lowest Prices On Commercial Kitchen Equipment

The largest range of commercial kitchen equipment in all of Australia and New Zealand can be found at Food Equipment Distributors (F.E.D.). The company has been supplying those in the hospitality industry for over 45 years and gained a reputation for excellence and for having every imaginable product that businesses need. Their slogan “All you need is under our roofs” is absolutely true. Customers in the restaurant and catering industry can find every piece of equipment needed for them to be successful at F.E.D. Food Equipment Distributors has a nationwide network of dealers and has locations in all of the Australian states and New Zealand. There are offices, showrooms, and warehouses to serve all customers in Australia and New Zealand. Customers can feel free to visit any of the company’s showrooms and use the demonstration kitchens to try out new products. Showrooms are staffed with experienced consultants that can show customers their entire range of commercial kitchen equipment and help customers decide for themselves which products best meet their needs. All of the warehouses are stocked with new products as well as spare parts should they be needed. F.E.D. prides itself on providing the biggest selection of commercial kitchen equipment and other food industry related equipment. It also believes in tremendous customer support and service. With its multiple locations, F.E.D is able to meet the service needs of its customers. Spare parts can be delivered quickly from any of the company’s warehouses. Restaurants, caterers, and others can schedule preventative maintenance with F.E.D. as well.