Slicers for Bread

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Bread is one of the primary foods used consumed daily and one of the most utilised when it comes to hospitality. Since this time many major catering equipment brands have come up with methods of bread slicing and baking.

Bread slicer machines enable you to slice up loaves of bread within the shortest amount of time. Whether you’re a café, restaurant or bakery, you’ve come to the right place when it comes to commercial bread slicers.

Our slicers are compact and made from durable materials for long-term use. Our bread cutter machines are also easy to operate and effortlessly simple to use.

There is a variety of bread slicers currently on the market and each one functions slightly differently. We stock automatic and electric bread slicers for use in a fast-paced kitchen, so your bread is stored and ready for further use or purchase.

We also sell bread slicers without blades, meaning you can individually purchase equipment and parts to make up your perfect slicers. There are numerous cutters for bread slicers ready for use within our warehouse and each one is comprised of a different thickness, so, depending on the amount that needs to be sliced, you can cut almost anything within your bakery or café.

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