Slow Cook Ovens

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Federal Hospitality Equipment’s slow cook ovens are great for cooking ingredients and food in low heat.

Part of our broad list of commercial ovens, slow cookers focus primarily on low temperature cooking, mixed with moisture and a much longer cook time (hours). This method works especially well with edible liquids such as soups and stews, but, like many of the other quality cooking equipment units we stock, slow cook ovens are mainly built for cooking meat and vegetables.

Slow cookers are generally affordable, less messy, can be left unattended, retain meat juices and don’t require stirring. However, the cooking process with slow cookers is much longer and may require extra steps.

Our slow cook ovens are constructed with strong stainless steel with a tough magnetically sealed door to keep the interior secure. You can also use a core probe to check temperature, which can be stocked along with other commercial catering equipment appliances that go hand-in-hand with our ovens.

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