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Sinks, Mop Sinks, Greasetraps

Sinks, Mop Sinks, Greasetraps

When you think of mop sinks, basins and grease traps you don't think of the most glamourous kitchen items, however, these items are just as essential to the functionality of your kitchen and it's cleanliness.

Our assortment here at FED has been specially selected to provide the best usage for your business, sourced from the leading brands in the industry including frymax, modular systems and our own manufactured range.

Each product has been carefully selected to utilise balance with outstanding style and function. All models come with custom made accessories and a modern mixer tap.

A necessary inclusion to the range of kitchen equipment at your establishment - mop sinks, greasetraps and sinks are always required, and the ideal place to purchase these items is right here - at Federal Hospitality Equipment.

Stocking the latest and greatest to keep your commercial kitchen and business clean and tidy, these stainless-steel mop sinks are the ideal choice for storing and washing your mops and other cleaning appliances.  

All cleaning tools and mops gather dirt, dust and muck, so it’s important to make sure they are thoroughly well-washed before you clean. 

Every sink bowldouble deep pot sink, dishwasher, workbench, mop sink and hand basin we shelve is heavy duty made with 304 grade stainless steel – meaning you can rely on your new sink or basin for a long time without the worry of it breaking down. These units are also easy to clean with that steel shine and come with an optional splashback piece.