Gas Commissioning

Gas Commissioning


Federal Hospitality Equipment (FHE) strives to offer the most reliable high performance equipment to our clients. Our Gasmax and Fagor ranges provide a comprehensive, fully certified, gas cooking solution to meet any commercial demand. To ensure optimal performance, all gas equipment is required to be commissioned by a qualified gas plumber.

Gas commissioning serves to fine tune the air:fuel ratio and thereby produce the most efficient use of gas with a clean flame. Gas consumption and service calls are dramatically reduced if the equipment has been commissioned properly. The process includes: inspection of the regulator installation, gas pressure check and calibration, thermocouple and temperature controller calibration, and air and gas combustion adjustment. Gas commissioning eliminates or minimises by-products of inefficient combustion which can lead to generation of poisonous carbon monoxide, or carbon deposits within the burners affecting longevity and performance.

To activate our 2 year gas equipment warranty, FHE customer are required to have a licensed gas fitter sign the commissioning form (supplied with all of our gas equipment) and send the documentation back to FHE. Warranty may be void if commissioning has not been conducted.

We recommend gas commissioning immediately after installation as this is usually the most convenient and cost-effective time. Should you have any issue to finding a local gas plumber to do so, FED Services offer gas commissioning Australia-wide. The costs are as follows: $200 plus GST for the first unit plus an additional $100 plus GST for each extra unit at the same location. For stores with 5 units or more, FED Services is happy to offer you commissioning free of charge. Please call 1300887055 or send a request to [email protected] for FHE after sales service & support. 

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