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DW-BE-ML200-A Rack Conveyor Dishwashers

  • 200 racks per hour

  • Durable stainless steel wash and rinse arms

  • Automatic fill to wash and rinse tanks

  • Fully automatic cycle starts when the door is closed


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DW-BE-ML200-A Two Chamber Rack Conveyor Dishwashers Efficient Performance:

This conveyor type dishwasher provide excellent performance of up to 200 racks per hour.

This model will wash all types of crockery, cutlery and glassware and come with a standard 500 x 500mm rack.

Ergonomically Designed structure:

Perfect 85cm height pass-through ensures easiness of operators during loading and unloading the racks.

Fully Automatic Operation:

Thanks to the use of magnetic switch, when sliding the loaded rack in, pre-set programmed cycle starts automatically when the door is closed and stops automatically if door is opened at any time.

Powerful Wash System:

High volume pump ensures stable water supply. Isolated wash and rinse systems ensure high wash quality and hygiene of the washed wares.

Water tank water level safety cut out:

Low water level safety cut out switch ensures safe operation of tank heater.

30KW power built-in Water Booster Heaters:

30Kw powerful booster heaters ensure fast rinsing temperature. Thermostatic control ensure correct water temperature is maintained for safe hygiene and continuous use.

Water can be automatic filled inside the wash tank and rinse boosters.

Quality Stainless Steel Construction:

Manufactured with high quality standards stainless steel for reliable operation and long-time use.

  • 200 racks per hour
  • Durable stainless steel wash and rinse arms
  • Automatic fill to wash and rinse tanks
  • Fully automatic cycle starts when the door is closed
  • Washing arms can be taken out for easy cleaning
  • Accurate digital temperature displays for rinsing and washing
  • All stainless steel structure ensures robustness and durability
  • Prepared rinsing aid and detergent aid connection for installation• Stainless steel pump
  • 500*500 washing rack
  • Easily removed washing and rinsing arms
  • Filtering baskets to be taken out easily
  • Optional pre-cleaning tables and exit tables
  • 30kw high power built-in booster for cold water supply
  • Powerful output to meet rush hour of customers
  • Precise temperature control for consistency of long time running
    Max. basket width: 500 mm
    • Water consumption: 1.75L/rack
    • Wash temp: 55 - 65°C • Rinse temp: 80 - 90°C
    • Tank heater: 9kW • Booster heater: 30kW



    Net Weight (Kg) 0
    Width (mm) 1550
    Depth (mm) 770
    Height (mm) 1450
    Packing Width (mm) 800
    Packing Depth (mm) 1700
    Packing Height (mm) 1500
    Power 380V; 3~N; 4.1kW


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