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Compact Deluxe Ice Machines

Compact Deluxe Ice Machines

At FED we hold a large food service equipment available to suit your commercial catering industry needs. Whether you have an ice cream parlor, cafe, restaurant or fast food store, we are sure you will find FED has the perfect Ice cream machine to meet your business needs.

A market leader in latest style ice cream maker is a must have for any ice creamery or gelateria. The Compact Deluxe Ice Machines are technologically advanced and are designed to dispense, easily and naturally, four different types of ice cream. The result is one machine that can satisfy the requirements of a correspondingly increased number of consumers.

The Compact Deluxe Ice Machines allows preparation from 1.5 to 3.5 liters of ice cream, sorbet or gelato every twenty minutes. They are incredibly simple to operate and very quickly will become an indispensable profit making an item.

Complement your ice cream machine with an ice cream display case and other commercial kitchen equipment for a perfect commercial kitchen decor.

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