Commercial Refrigeration Needs Met By Food Equipment Distributors

In the restaurant and food industry, commercial refrigeration is of the utmost importance. Keeping food and other items stored at the appropriate temperatures is vital to the success of a restaurant or catering business. Food Equipment Distributors supplies a large range of refrigeration equipment for businesses in the hospitality industry. Not only do they supply refrigeration equipment, but they also carry commercial restaurant, catering, kitchen, and bakery equipment. The company takes great pride in offering the largest range of products in the entire industry. Whatever it is that a customer is looking for, they will find it under the Food Equipment Distributors’ (F.E.D.) roof. What customers will also find are low prices. As an importer of an exclusive, and very large, range of products for over forty-five years, F.E.D. has earned a reputation as having the highest quality products at the lowest prices possible in all of Australia and New Zealand. The company also has a lowest price guarantee. Customers who find a cheaper price on a certain product, commercial refrigeration equipment for example, will find that F.E.D. will beat that price on the same product. Customers can feel at ease knowing that not only do they get the best equipment, but they also get it at the lowest price possible. Food Equipment Distributors also offers its customers tremendous customer service and support. The company has a nationwide network of dealers and distributors with offices, showrooms, and warehouses located in each of the states of Australia. All showrooms and demonstration kitchens are staffed by experienced consultants and all warehouses keep spare parts on hand should they be needed.