A Commercial Ice Machine From Food Equipment Distributors Comes In Handy

In the restaurant business, it pays to have a high-quality commercial ice machine. There are many occasions where ice is necessary and having a great piece of equipment that you can rely on will make your operation run more smoothly. For the finest in restaurant and catering equipment, look to do business with Australia’s number one importer and supplier to the hospitality industry, Food Equipment Distributors (F.E.D.). Serving the food industry for over forty-five years, F.E.D. is viewed as a leader in the market since it has the largest range of restaurant equipment, kitchen and catering equipment, bakery equipment, and refrigeration equipment in all of Australasia. Food Equipment Distributors has a nationwide network of dealers and has locations all throughout Australia and New Zealand. The company also has agents throughout Australasia in places such as Fiji, Samoa, and Papau New Guineau. This vast network allows F.E.D. to reach out to its customers, as well as potential customers, and serve them better. Experienced technicians are able to go out and perform periodic preventative maintenance to make sure customers get the most out of their equipment. There are showrooms and warehouses throughout Australia and a location in New Zealand as well. Warehouses are stocked with new products, like a commercial ice machine, that can be delivered shortly after an order is placed. The warehouses also have plenty of spare parts in case customers need them. When customers purchase from Food Equipment Distributors, they can feel assured that not only will they find equipment that fits their needs, they will buy restaurant equipment at the lowest prices possible. F.E.D. guarantees that customers will get the lowest prices on all purchases.