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Pizza Equipment

FED offers you a variety of leading products from the commercial foodservice industries best in class manufacturers of Commercial Pizza Ovens. Browse through Commercial Pizza Ovens, Conveyor Ovens, Pizza Peels, Pizza Bags and Pizza Dough Presses to find restaurant equipment and restaurant supplies. Call our commercial foodservice for more information on Commercial Pizza Equipment

Shop for your pizza restaurant supplies and concessions equipment at Central Restaurant Products. If you're a league concession stand, a large pizza chain or something in between, save with quantity discount prices on many of the pizza and concession supplies while finding the equipment you need.

From Pizza ovens and dough rollers to refrigerated prep bars, Federal Hospitality Equipment have all your pizza preparation equipment. 

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  • FC2GC Jet-Blast Gas Conveyor Oven


    • Jets of high velocity hot air evenly bake food
    • Guaranteed even baking 
    •  Faster consistent cooking time 
    • Bake large pizzas in 5 to 6 minutes 
    • Adjustable speed and temperature 
    • Excellent moisture retention
    • Low maintenance and easy cleaning
    • Legs included • 5" (127 mm) locking casters 
    • Temperature up to (300°C) 
    • Save on labor costs
    • will bake 30% to 50% faster than traditional ovens 
    • will improve product consistency & reduce labour costs 
    • will increase production per square metre
    • will minimise energy costs by 35% to 65%
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    NZ RRP: $31,969.00  +GST

    SPECIAL: $19,890.00 +GST

    Finance: from $43.76 / DAY*

  • FC18G Doyon Jet-Blast Gas Conveyor Oven

    Conveyor belt: 1475mm long × 457mm wide
    ; Tunnel clearance: 95mm
    ; • Guaranteed even baking
    ; • Faster consistent cooking time
    ; • Adjustable speed and temperature Learn More

    NZ RRP: $26,714.90  +GST

    SPECIAL: $18,699.50 +GST

    Finance: from $41.14 / DAY*

  • PC147 Pyralis Circle Digital Deck Rotating Stone Sole Pizza Oven

    These rotating pizza ovens are designed to save labour & are ideal for high volume as they have the output of a large conveyor oven & have a smaller working footprint. Pyralis Circle have lower running costs, patented Activestone® system and refractory stone soles for genuine "Italian style pizza"

    PC147 Pyralis Circle Digital Deck Rotating Stone Sole Pizza Oven
    Up to 140 × 30cm pizzas/h
    Exterior: 1470mmW×1450D×610H; 290kg
    Interior: 1050mmW×1050D×150H
    • Digital temp. control & read-out to 450ºC
    • Programmable Start & End of bake cycle with two modes: Continuous/P2 or Non-Continuous/P1
    • Electric control for plate rotation speed with a lever switch to stop & start the rotary plate
    • Dual chamber lights
    • Large door to enable easy cleaning
    • Small door with window insert used when baking to reduce temperature loss
    • Double rock wool insulation to maintain heat, minimise heat loss & ensure high energy performance
    • In the event of some elements failing this oven will still bake successfully
    due to the rotating refractory stone sole & the Activestone® System

    Made In ItalyActivestone

    Performance Advantages of the Activestone® System
    • Perfect heat distribution & shorter time to reach temperature
    • fast temperature rise
    • balanced loads
    • Energy savings
    • even & widespread distribution of heat
    • uniform baking
    • simple to replace heating elements
    Pyralis Circle top heating is by exposed heating elements & refractory stone, the bottom heating elements which are under the rotating refractory stone sole use the Activestone® system

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    NZ RRP: $20,689.00  +GST

    SPECIAL: $14,479.50 +GST

    Finance: from $31.85 / DAY*

  • SA300S Automatic Pizza Dough Divider

    SA300S Automatic Pizza Dough Divider with Stand
    30kg hopper
    The fastest & most accurate way to divide dough
    • Divides dough into portions from 50 to 300g*
    • Made in Italy

    Comes with Workstation Stand
    Use this handy all Stainless Steel stand to combine the SA300S dough divider & the AR300 dough rounder into a compact easy to use workstation

    Made In Italy

    Learn More

    NZ RRP: $19,289.00  +GST

    SPECIAL: $13,500.00 +GST

    Finance: from $29.70 / DAY*

  • PF33A Pizza Dough Former Flat Edge

    PF33A Pizza Dough Former Flat Edge
    30cm Ø pizza base; 120 to 250g
    Pressing time: from 0.1 to 1.5 sec (recommended dough temp. 6 to 20ºC)
    • High thermal conductivity non-stick plates
    • Easy to adjust dough thickness
    • Interlocked safety guard & start button (machine cannot start until grid is closed)
    • Can be used by unskilled staff • Stainless Steel body
    • Distance between plates: 105 mm
    • Plate temperature: 130 to 170ºC
    • Plus special plates for "Edge" pizzas
    • Made in Italy

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    NZ RRP: $12,839.00  +GST

    SPECIAL: $8,990.00 +GST

    Finance: from $19.78 / DAY*

  • PMG-9 Prisma Food SIngle Deck Gas Pizza&Bakery Ovens

    • HOT - 400°C
    • Stone Sole interior
    • Compact Design
    • Sheathed heating elements
    • Internal lighting 
    • Viewing Window
    • Rock wool insulation
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    NZ RRP: $12,839.00  +GST

    SPECIAL: $8,988.00 +GST

    Finance: from $19.77 / DAY*

  • PPB/21 three door DELUXE Pizza Prep Bench

    Three Door
    11 × â…“ pans
    Stainless Steel interior & exterior
    • 2 to 8°C
    • "blown well"
    • cross-flow pan cooling
    • fridge has one level of shelving plus floor
    • tilted pans with easy-slide Perspex covers**
    comes with Pizza crumb tray
    • Aspera compressors
    • German ËBM-Pabst fans
    • digital temp. control & read-out
    • Ambient 33ºC & 75% RH
    • internal corners rounded for hygiene & easy cleaning
    • working area 320 mm deep
    • bench height 845 mm
    • insulation is CFC & HCFC free
    • extremely efficient self-closing doors
    • 100mm wall clearance required for ventilation
    • fan-forced evaporator cooling
    • auto defrost
    • self evaporating drainage
    • castors
    Completely removable refrigeration unit
      * pans not included
      ** sliding pan covers must be used to ensure correct operating temperature
          Tops are holding units & product needs to be pre-chilled to less than 5ºC before filling

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    NZ RRP: $10,569.00  +GST

    SPECIAL: $7,399.50 +GST

    Finance: from $16.28 / DAY*

  • AR300 Automatic Pizza Dough Rounder

    AR300 Automatic Pizza Dough Rounder
    The fastest way to ball dough

    • Rounds from 50 to 300g
    • 3 Phase outlet
    • Ball from 50 to 300 grams at up to 800 pieces per hour
    • Made in Italy

    Made In Italy

    Learn More

    NZ RRP: $9,989.00  +GST

    SPECIAL: $6,990.00 +GST

    Finance: from $15.38 / DAY*

  • ELEM-200S Steel Sole Thermadeck Oven

    Australias largest - a pizza masters oven for high capacity production

    • Steel sole • up to 400ºC
    • manual steam function (switch)
    • fits three trays if end-loaded or four trays if side-loaded x two-deep
    • large tray size - 466 or 406mm x 740 (18" or 16" x 29") 
    • energy efficient
    • well insulated
    • solid stainless steel construction 
    • accurate thermal regulators for top & bottom elements 
    • each deck is complete with timer for individual deck by deck control 
    Learn More

    NZ RRP: $8,280.00  +GST

    SPECIAL: $6,900.00 +GST

    Finance: from $15.18 / DAY*

  • JE-PV16PA Pizza Conveyor Oven

    • Temp. Up to 300ºc
    • Energy Efficient 
    • Compact Design
    • Stackable Design 
    • Cooks Up to 95 Pizzas Per Hour
    Learn More

    NZ RRP: $9,299.00  +GST

    SPECIAL: $6,509.50 +GST

    Finance: from $14.32 / DAY*

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