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Milk Jug

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4 Item(s)

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Commercial Grade Milk Jug

Barista milk jugs for professionals & coffee fanatics alike! Having one good quality coffee milk jug on hand is an essential requirement for any café. If you’re an at home coffee brewer don’t overlook adding a jug to your coffee kit.

Milk Jug Rinsers

Rinsing milk jugs between each use is both sanitary and beneficial in producing quality textured milk. It is both easy to use and maintain, the unit is ready to connect, (includes water inlet and drainage connections) and it can easily be adapted to fit any espresso bar.

To prepare silky textured milk, the milk jugs need to be clean and cool. With time being limited to run to the sink after every use, the milk jug rinser is the most effective solution to this problem. They allow you to quickly remove the milk deposits that stain the milk jug after every use.

The Barista Progear Pitcher Rinser is essential for any coffee setup. Designed and made in Australia from high-quality stainless steel. The In Bench Pitcher Rinser is designed to be recessed into any bench top. Rinsers are the perfect accessory to have next to your coffee machine as they increase workflow by saving time running to the sink after steaming milk. Simply press the milk jug down on the star and water will spray out to clean and cool down the milk jug making it ready for use.

The Pitcher Rinsers can also be installed into a Coffee Cart or Mobile Van