What size should I go for? What design of the dishwasher will be good for my catering business? What should be the energy efficiency of the dishwasher for my restaurant? These are questions that usually bother the mind of caterers and restaurateurs who desires to buy a dishwasher for their business. And some even get stuck trying to figure out the right thing to do.

A commercial dishwasher is a machine that will make your work easier and faster in your restaurant. With it in your facility, you will be able to attend to as many customers as possible, and there won't be any need for them to wait for plates or cups. Meanwhile, there won't be a shortage of staff to attend to customers since one responsibility is already taken care of by the dishwasher.

Choosing the best commercial dishwasher

Getting the right dishwasher for your business does not worth the pain and stress. All you need is guidance, and you just enter where you can get it. The following are all you need to consider while purchasing a dishwasher for your business.


1. Cost

The amount you have budgeted for the machine should top the list and every other thing will follow. Whether it's a café, caterer business, bar or restaurant, there is always a set cost to guide your purchasing ability. But even with that, you will still want to buy a dishwasher that will serve your business efficiently. Therefore, you must hold on to your budget as you use other factors to make your final decision.


2. Size and capacity

Size and capacity are the other factors that should take a high priority in your consideration list. The two works together and a disaster may happen if only one is considered. The capacity of your dishwasher should be judged by the size of your restaurant and the number of people it receives daily.

Buying a small capacity dishwasher for big business will reduce the number of customers you can serve at once. Moreover, it will shorten the lifespan of the dishwasher if much pressure is put upon it. Therefore, you need to first evaluate the number of seats occupied at once in your restaurant to know the capacity of your suitable dishwasher.

However, while considering the capacity, you must think of the available space for your machine. It is very intelligent to know that a big capacity dishwasher will demand a big space. Then, do you have enough room to accommodate your dishwasher? If not it's time you provide for a bigger space or go for a small-sized machine.

Considering these factors will enable you to avoid some troubles. Like getting a washer that will restrict the movement of your staff. Meanwhile, the last thing you want to do is to purchase one that can't withstand the workload of your business.


3. Usability

Fagor EVO-CONCEPT undercounter dishwasherWhile going through the market to pick a good dishwasher for your business, you must deliberate on the ease at which it can be operated. Remember that one of your workers will be saddled with the responsibility of the loading and running of the machine. And the mess that can occur if the machine is so hard to operate. Moreover, you are dealing with a delicate objects like dishes and glassware.

Therefore, it will be sensible to picture how the operation of the machine will look like in your kitchen. Can the racks work with the size and design of the wares you are using in your restaurant? By what means can you attach your water supply and drainage to pass out the used water.


4. Speed

The faster the speed of the dishwasher, the earlier you get your dishes washed. Commercial dishwashers such as the under-bench dishwashers are faster than the normal ones used in the houses.  Meaning that you should get rid of the idea of purchasing the home dishwasher for your café or catering business. You should look forward to a dishwasher that can complete one cycle in 2 to 3 minutes.


5. Temperature

You may find this funny, but do you know that a high-temperature dishwasher is preferable to a low-temperature type. Because the low temperature will require chemicals to do the sanitization of the dishes, but as for the high-temperature varieties the hot water is enough to sanitize the glassware. Although you may have to prepare yourself to pay more for electric bills it is more worthy than purchasing chemicals and later deal with its effect on your drainage system. Moreover, too many chemicals will weaken the dishes.


6. Noise

Commercial dishwashers are bound to make noise due to the heavy work they perform. And the stronger they are, the louder the noise they emit. The noise can be inevitable but you can select a less loud one by studying their decibel ratings. As new designs are made with the advancement in technology, the manufacturers of dishwashers have been trying to reduce the noise emitted by their products which is revealed in the decibel ratings.

The decibel is a phenomenon that gives the measurement of the levels of sound. Meanwhile, the decibel rating of a dishwasher depends on some other factors. Apart from its design, the placement of its electric motor and pump determines the intensity of the noise it will emit. A dishwasher that has those components at the top makes less noise than that which has them at the tub. Meanwhile, the insulator plays a significant role in reducing machine loudness.


7. Electrical efficiency

Commercial DishwashingThe power to be consumed by a dishwasher is something to consider while looking out for one in the market. The machines are made to consume a lot of electricity, therefore, you must consider the strength of the electrical socket to plug it in. And you may have to hire an electrician to assist with the installation of the dishwasher.


8. Water requirement

Electricity is not the only thing needed for a dishwasher to work. There must be a supply of water through an inlet and a drainage pathway to release out used water. These are some of the things you have to cater for before purchasing a dishwasher for your business.


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