stainless steel shelves

If you are looking for durable shelves that can hold a lot of weight, you should consider stainless steel shelves. While some people think they may not be as aesthetically pleasing as wooden shelves, others feel they’re the height of style. They are strong and last a lot longer than wood. They are impervious to termites and other pests. They also do not rust, even if they have been exposed to moisture or humidity. Such shelves are ideal for the kitchen, garage and pantry.

Wall Shelves

Stainless steel floating shelves and regular wall mount shelves look quite beautiful in a commercial kitchen, especially if you have stainless steel cupboards and counter tops. Stainless steel gives a commercial kitchen a contemporary and classy look. It does not stain and is very easy to clean. Shelves come in many sizes and styles and can easily be purchased online. Floating shelves are directly attached to the kitchen wall, and this is an easy DIY job that can be done by most restaurant owners.

Table Mount Shelves 

A carpenter or hobbyist who would like to keep tools and accessories in a handy place should consider investing in a table mount stainless steel shelving unit. Such units usually have two long shelves and can hold a surprisingly large quantity of items.

Free Standing Shelves

Free standing shelves made from coated steel or stainless steel come in many sizes. Many are adjustable, which allows a restaurant owner to store large, medium or small sized boxes and items on the shelves. Usually, they are either solid steel plate or of steel wire construction. The shelves are sturdy and can hold a lot of weight; however, a person should always check the weight allowance of the shelf before buying it. This information is listed on the outside of the box or the online retail site advertising the product for sale