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7 Ways To Get Children To Eat In Your Restaurant

Whenever parents take their children out to eat, they still want them to eat healthy. This is important to keep in mind whenever you are trying to create a menu for the children who visit your establishment. With this in mind, here are some things that you can include that children will enjoy. 

Serve Fresh Vegetables 

Fresh vegetables served with a dip or a smaller sized salad with zesty orange carrots and bright red tomatoes served with either a low fat or a fat-free dressing is one of the options you should have on your menu. You could also offer a plate of vegetables that are cut into strips or bite size pieces (i.e. green peppers, cucumbers, carrots, etc.) and serve with dip as another option. 

Serve Fresh Fruit 

Garnish children’s dinner plates with fresh fruit (i.e. strawberries, oranges, or watermelon) and a little bit of yogurt. While this can be a bit expensive, it doesn’t take a lot of work – simply chop and serve. 

Offer Yogurt As A Side Dish 

Either low fat or no fat yogurt can be offered as a healthy side dish because it not only is low in calories but it is also high in the calcium that children’s growing bodies need. Prepackaged yogurt has a long shelf life (usually several weeks) and can be purchased, inexpensively, in bulk. 

Serve Fruit Juice 

While you probably already have orange and cranberry juice available, try keeping some individual fruit juice boxes or bottles available too. Make sure that they are 100% fruit juice. Whenever you purchase these things in bulk they are reasonably priced and will keep for quite a while. 

Serve Low-Fat Milk 

To cut down on the fat and calories in children’s meals, offer them skim or 1% milk to drink. This is a much better choice than soda and shows parents that you value their children’s health. 

Serve Whole Wheat Bread And Pasta 

Get rid of the soft, white bread and offer whole wheat, whole grain or multi grain bread, rolls, and dinner rolls instead. You can purchase this for an affordable price at a commercial bakery

You should also do this with the noodles that you use in spaghetti, macaroni and cheese and other such meals. This is also an easy and affordable way in which to improve the nutrition on your children’s menus. 

Serve Healthy Meats 

Children love hot dogs so try offering turkey dogs. This is much better for children’s health, especially when it is served on a whole-wheat bun. You may also want to try serving grilled chicken, especially if you already have it on hand for the adult menu items that you serve. Offer grilled chicken strips for on children’s salads or to dip in a low-fat dressing. 

Follow these 7 tips to getting children to eat in your restaurant.  it cheaper than mass media.